Con Man Panel – WonderCon 2016

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Con Man Panel – WonderCon 2016
Microsoft Theater
Los Angeles, CA
March 26, 2016
Alan Tudyk, PJ Haarsma, Shannon Eric Denton
L-R: Alan Tudyk, PJ Haarsma, Shannon Eric Denton
The Con Man panel at WonderCon was fun even though I’d already seen the comic preview and bloopers reel at Long Beach Comic Expo and Silicon Valley Comic Con.
Alan Tudyk standing and trying to see the crowd
Alan Tudyk checking out the large crowd
Alan Tudyk talking while standing, PJ Haarsman and Shannon Eric Denton stay seated
Alan Tudyk brought stuff from home to sign and give to audience members who got to ask a question.  One of the best items was a ticket to the premiere or after party for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  He was handing the items to P. J. Haarsma to hand to the fans, but this item he “tried” to keep for himself, and who could blame him?
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk
Shannon Eric Denton
Shannon Eric Denton
You can purchase the DVD/BluRay of Con Man online which is definitely worth getting for the commentary of the behind the scenes bits about the funders and friends in the series.  I’m hoping they add more items to the store, but I will check out their booth at San Deigo Comic Con for the drinking glasses and a few other items.
Alan Tudyk
Alan Tudyk
Get the first issue of the Spectrum comic book at your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day.  If you’re in Los Angeles on Free Comic Book Day, you may get to have it signed by the Con Man team, Alan Tudyk, PJ Haarsma, and Shannon Eric Denton.