Agent Carter : Behind the Scenes Panel

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Agent Carter BTS Panel
Whedonopolis Con
Los Angeles, CA
May 15, 2016
Agent Carter: Behind the Scenes
Agent Carter: Behind the Scenes Panel

There was a surprise guest at the Agent Carter panel during Whedonopolis this year.  It was due to a few people cancelling at the last minute.  I was really surprised to see Enver Gjokaj, but it was a great surprise.  He was doing it as a favor so we weren\’t allowed to take video of the panel, but they said pictures of the panel were okay (but not of the images on the screen.)  They showed some behind the scenes photos which were originally intended for costume continuity purposes, but the costumer taking the photos really has an eye for photography which was apparent in the photos he showed the audience.  

Enver Gjokaj

It was fun to learn about how they costume a tv show which is period and action-packed.  For example, using a vintage tie for a character who has to wear the tie in every scene for the length of the season.  It was disintegrating so they were doing everything they could to preserve it while using it repeatedly.  In most cases, there are at least 4 copies for each of Haley Atwell\’s outfits to accommodate Haley and her stunt double. 

Enver Gjokaj
Enver Gjokaj
Enver Gjokaj
Enver Gjokaj

Apparently, Enver has difficulty tying ties and has his costumer help him put them on each time.  The panel was after the cancellation of Agent Carter so it was bittersweet, but they deserved all of the love we gave them and more.  I really hope Netflix or Amazon (Netflix seems more likely) picks up the series for production.