Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla, and the Science of Mutation

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Crossover: Where Comics and Science Meet 
Part 2: Mutations
San Diego Comic Art Gallery
June 10, 2016

My free comic and my event badge
My free comic and event badge

I attended the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla, and the Science of Mutation event at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery at Liberty Station a few weeks ago.  These events are held by IDW Publishing in conjunction with the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery in Liberty Station.  The event is for adults only ages 21+ and two microbrew beers are included with the ticket price.  I\’m not sure if the beer is provided by the same brewery at each event, but the Mutations event had beer supplied by Duck Foot Brewing Co.  

I had missed the first event as these are held on Friday evenings which happen to fall on the Fridays I work.  I took the day off for this event since a dear friend of mine, Chris Mowry, was one of the panelists along with Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, and Dr. Ronald Coleman, Research Associate at The Scripps Research Institute, and Dr. Pritwish Pal, Sr. Marketing Manager for Oncology at Illumina.

The Q&A portion of the event lasted about an hour, and the best moment was when an audience member asked the scientists on the panel to give an example of a mutation which occurs in humans.  This was in reference to a previous comment by the scientists that mutations happen in the human body.  The questions was answered by Dr. Coleman and his answer was \”Well, you started as a single cell.\”  Mic drop!  

After the panel, there\’s an opportunity to get autographs and chat with the panelists.  

Godzilla Wars, Jr. game was in the gallery to play
Godzilla Wars arcade game owned by Chris Mowry

Chris currently has Godzilla memorabilia from his personal collection on display in the San Diego Comic Art Gallery until July 1st (this day may be extended, but let them know you want to see it!).  These two pieces are no longer on display because too many people were handling them.  

Posing with a Godzilla statuette
Posing with a Godzilla statuette owned by Chris Mowry.

This Godzilla mask is made from the original mold for the costume used in the very first Godzilla movie made in 1954.  As you can see, I just had to take a silly picture with it. 

Mimicking Godzilla\'s expression
Godzilla mask owned by Chris Mowry

There are two more Comics Meets Science events coming up and tickets are only $15 + $1.74 Eventbrite fee.

The next event is on August 12 and is on Star Trek and the Science of Space Travel.
The last event of the series is being held on October 14 and is on Orphan Black and the Science of Cloning.

The Ruben H. Fleet Science Center is also hosting a few other events in July.
Suds and Science on July 11
and Fleet Night of Science happening during SDCC on July 21.  

I want to give a shout out to Dr. Ronald Coleman whose research is focused on discovering a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, and I truly hope he achieves his goal of discovering this cure in his lifetime.