Outside SDCC 2016: Camp Conival

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Outside SDCC 2016: Camp Conival
Petco Park
July 21-24, 2016

Camp Conival sign welcoming you

Nerdist and Geeky and Sundry co-presented Camp Conival at Petco Park during San Diego Comic Con for the second consecutive year.  I didn\’t get a chance to check it out last year, but I made a point to get myself to Petco Park this year, and I wasn\’t disappointed.  There were many activities such as tabletop gaming, archery, and laser tag to participate in.  There were two stages, a smaller “Meadows” stage where smaller meet and greets occurred, and a larger “Main” stage where the panels were held.

Taking a selfie with the stage was one of the scavenger hunt tasks
Fulfilling 1 of the scavenger hunt tasks (pic of the Main stage)
Security was per Petco Park regulations, so it was a pain in the ass.  I was with my teenage niece, and we had no problems bringing our small stools (which were folded and stowed inside our backpacks) on Thursday, but couldn’t bring them in on Saturday.  No “open” drink containers were allowed in, and only factory sealed 20oz or smaller water bottles were allowed in.  I had a reusable water bottle (courtesy of Schick razors at Entertainment Weekly’s ConX), but had to dump the water inside of it.  Bags were thoroughly checked, and metal detectors were used so the line to get into Camp Conival was long and slow moving. 

The Nerdist\'s tent
Geek and Sundry\'s tent

Once you enter, there are Camp Conival counselors there handing out maps for the map which also contained an interactive scavenger hunt.  There were 9 activities you could participate in to receive a punch.  Complete 6 activities, received 6 punches, and you received a collectible pin.  Most of the activities involved taking pictures, so it was fairly easy and fast to complete 6 of the tasks. 

Lake Legendary photo booth with my niece
One of the tasks for the scavenger hunt
Seating for the panels was first-come, first-serve and if you think moving between panels to get better seats was difficult in the convention center, it was 10x more difficult at Petco Park due to the stadium seating and hand rails in the aisles.  Saturday was very crowded, and it took some work getting seats in which I could at least see the monitor (there was a monitor on each side of the stage for those not lucky enough to sit in the center section. 

My terrible view of the main stage during the Legends of Tomorrow Panel
My view of the Legends of Tomorrow panel.  The black thing on the right is the closest monitor to my seat.
As you can see from my photo, my view for the Legends of Tomorrow panel was much less than stellar. I was able to get a much better seat upon my second seat change after Misha Collins’ panel.  I still couldn’t see the guests on the stage very well, but I had a great view of their arrivals onto the stage. 

A better view for Misha Collins\' panel
I was able to get a slightly better seat for Misha Collins\’ panel.
Misha Collins on the main stage for his panel
Misha Collins at Camp Conival
Misha Collins
Misha Collins at Camp Conival
Bless Misha for completing film at 5am on Saturday morning only to hop on a plane to San Diego.  The man was operating on no sleep but was still funny and energetic. 

These folks were sitting in the center section for the main stage
On the other side of the aisle was the center section.

 Besides the Legends of Tomorrow Panel, I was really interested in the Lucifer and Sherlock panels.  I\’m really happy I was able to get a better seat for Lucifer and Sherlock at the very least.  Unfortunately, I didn\’t have my DSLR with me on Saturday, because I was attending a 30th Anniversary screening of Aliens that evening and wouldn\’t have had time to take my camera back to my car.

Lucifer panel
Lucifer panel
Tom Ellis greeting the fans as he arrives on stage
Tom Ellis 
Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, D.B. Woodside, and Kevin Alejandro arrive on stage
L-R: Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, D.B. Woodside, Kevin Alejandro
Lucifer panel
Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss waiting to come on stage for the Sherlock panel
L-R: Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss waiting to come onto the stage.
Mark Gatiss arriving on stage for the Sherlock panel
Mark Gatiss for the Sherlock Panel
Amanda Abbington arriving on stage for the Sherlock panel
Amanda Abbington 
Sue Vertue arriving on stage for the Sherlock panel
Sue Vertue
It’s quiet shady and breezy at Petco Park, and the weather had cooled considerably from Friday to Saturday.  I was quite cold sitting in the stands for the Saturday panels and had wished I had brought a light jacket.