Midsummer Scream 2016 – The Homicidal Homemaker

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Deadly Delectables with the Homicidal Homemaker
Midsummer Scream
Long Beach Convention Center
July 30, 2016
The Homicidal Homemaker, Kaci Hensen, cooks hotdogs

I attended the food class taught by the Homicidal Homemaker (Kaci Hansen) the first day of  the inaugural Midsummer Scream held in Long Beach, California.  I wasn\’t aware of The Homicidal Homemaker prior to the event, but I definitely became a fan after attending her first class at Midsummer Scream.

I\’m not going to go into detail for the recipes as you can see them on the Homicidal Homemaker\’s YouTube channel.  It was also announced that The Homicidal Homemaker is now on Screambox, and it\’s currently the first web series to be on Screambox!  Congratulations to The Homicidal Homemaker and her team!

The first lesson was for Edible Entrails (click for the YouTube tutorial).  I\’ll admit that I wasn\’t convinced the food she was making looked like entrails until the dyed egg wash was applied over the dough.  The basic ingredients in this particular version of Edible Entrails was premade crescent dough, thin slices of ham (approximately pepperoni slice-sized), and string cheese. Unfortunately, I wasn\’t able to see the finished product in person since there wasn\’t an oven to bake the entrails.

Prepping store bought crescent roll dough and hot dogs
Placing entrails into the pan

The next lesson was for Zombie Finger Food.  I\’ve seen finger cookies, but not an appetizer/finger food before.  The key to making these truly disturbing looking fingers is adding green food coloring to the cooking water for the hot dogs.  Small slices of onion were used for the fingernails, and small chunks of string cheese were inserted into the side of the finger to make the finger\’s protruding bone.

Green hotdogs
The cooked green hot dog (finger!)

I think I\’m going to have to try my hand at making the Edible Entrails for the annual pumpkin carving party a friend holds every year.

I also attended the Mid-Century Macabre Decor class taught by Kaci and held on Sunday, but I didn\’t take any pictures.  The lessons were for a paper lantern and gift boxes.  I\’m a bit too lazy make her lanterns (only because I have lantern patterns for my Cricut), but I really want to make the adorable gift boxes and have already added the cutting boards to my Amazon wish list!

I\’ll be posting an overview of the convention soon.  I\’m actually heading to Las Vegas this weekend for another convention (SuperToyCon) so I\’m running very behind posting my recaps.  I still haven\’t finished editing my pictures from San Diego Comic Con, but I\’ll get caught up soon I promise!