Midsummer Scream 2016 – Overview

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Midsummer Scream Overview
July 30-31, 2016
Long Beach Convention Center

Inflatable black cats welcome you over the Midsummer Scream banner

This was the very first Midsummer Scream convention which was held in Long Beach, California.  For a first-time event, it ran quite smoothly and had quite a turnout from both exhibitors and attendees.  To be perfectly honest, I\’m not much into Halloween.  It was fun taking my nieces trick-or-treating when they were young, but that was years ago.  I bought my ticket on Groupon because I wanted to check out this convention, but I didn\’t want to pay full price.  This girl loves a discount and never wants to pay full price for anything. 

Midsummer Scream program book

A friend was already going to the convention (which is how I heard about it), and we were both really excited for the Noche de los Muertos, a \’80s themed costume party with live music by Oingo Boingo Dance Party which was held Saturday night after the convention.  The party was a separate ticket purchase from the convention itself.  

Oingo Boingo Dance Party performed at a party which required a separate ticket purchase from the convention
Oingo Boingo Dance Party

On the exhibition floor was a very cool interactive area with spooks and frights galore called the Hall of Shadows.  I only went in once (I hate people or things jumping out at me), but it was fun even for a fraidy-cat like myself.  

Some Jack o lanterns on display in the Hall of Shadows
Tiny part of Hall of Shadows

There were demonstrations on applying prosthetic makeup, foam fabrication, skull painting, etc. on the Showfloor Stage on the exhibition floor.  

A demonstration of applying full prosthetic makeup in under an hour
Scott Ramp demonstrating full prosthetic makeup in under an hour
Scary harlequin clown prosthetic makeup completed
Completed 1-hour Prosthetic makeup

The art gallery was incredible, and there were quite a few items I wish I had the money and space for to purchase.  

Animatronic art in the art gallery
This was an animatronic…and it\’s awesome!
Huge red skeleton bride sculpture in the art gallery

Closeup of the skull of the red skeleton bride

I\’ve never been to Scare L.A. (which was being held in Pasadena the following weekend), but I would definitely recommend attending Midsummer Scream even if you aren\’t into horror or Halloween (like me!).

One of many creatures on display on the exhibition floor

This girl was in character the whole time!!

The only thing I would recommend (and I\’ve had this problem with a few other conventions) is to add better signage when \”renaming\” rooms for your convention.  There were signs listing the events for the day at each room, and those were great and could have been better if a larger type was used at the top with the room \”name/number\” at the top.  I had to stop at each one just to see which room I was at.  It would be quite easy to print \”Classroom B\” on standard letter size paper and tape it over the convention center room number sign.  

Jim Henson Creature Shop panel
Jim Henson Creature Shop panel on Sunday

A few of the puppets on display during the Jim Henson Creature Shop panel

A few of the puppets on display during the Jim Henson Creature Shop panel

Jim Henson Creature Shop panel

Jim Henson Creature Shop panel

Midsummer Scream was held the weekend following San Diego Comic-Con, and my back was still killing me from SDCC.  It would been have been much more fun being able to rock out at the party Saturday night if my back didn\’t hurt.  I\’m definitely interested in attending MidSummer Scream next year, and I hope you will join me!