Outside SDCC 2016

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Outside Comic-Con
SDCC 2016
San Diego, CA 

Trolli characters handing out free candy to the crowds in the Gaslamp Quarter
Trolli giving out candy and foam unicorn horns

I love checking out all of the fun and amazing installations outside of the convention center during San Diego Comic-Con.  There seems to be more happening outside the convention each year, and this year was not an exception. 

First, I made sure to check out the OutsideComicCon website a few days before the festivities begin as events and interactives are added all the way up to convention.  Not all of the activities operate every day of the convention, and I want to be sure of days and hours of operation.  Note: many of the evening events and parties require tickets (paid and non-paid) or RSVPs in advance.

NBC was in their normal spot near the Tin Fish restaurant.  Their installation for their new show, Timeless, included a ride (Gravitron) which was fun.  

Timeless interactive experience and ride in the Gaslamp Quarter
Timeless Interactive
Inside the Timeless Interactive
Timeless interactive
Inside of the Timeless interactive
Timeless interactive

The Real Tampabay Ghostbusters hosted Mass-Hysteria  on Friday at the Werewolf  bar in the Gaslamp.  The event began as a party, but it became an all day (all ages during the day) before the day.

Ecto-1 replica outside of the the Werewolf Bar for Mass-Hysteria party
Ecto-1 outside the bar
My Ghostbusters themed breakfast, slimer pancakes
My themed brunch. Slimer pancakes.

 My \”Slimer\” pancakes were keylime syrup (more like a cinnamon roll style frosting) with whipped cream and shredded coconut.  There was some lime zest for garnish. It was absolutely delicious, and I didn\’t need any of the maple syrup they gave me.  My niece had their jelly donut pancakes (always available), but couldn\’t finish them because she said it was too sweet.  It has glazed donut icing with raspberry filling between the two pancakes.

Slimer in the corner and Ghostbusters playing on the tvs.
Themed decor at the Werewolf for the event.

This year, Entertainment Weekly had an interactive area called ConX which I will cover in a separate post. Be sure to check out my post on Camp Conival at Petco Park hosted by Geek & Sundry and Nerdist. I\’m also posting the Amazon Streaming installations separately.

South Park celebrated it\’s 20th anniversary with a large photo op area and a photo booth with your choice of South Park character.  I chose to have a picture with Mr. Hanky.

South Park photo ops
South Park photo ops galore!
Cartman photo-op at the South Park interactive
South Park
Funny South Park themed signs on the port-a-potties
I love the signs! (located at the South Park interactive)
South Park character standees decorated the line for the photo booth
Standees decorated the line for the photo-op
More South Park character standees

FX took over the grassy area behind the Hall H lineup again this year.  I regret not doing the air bag jump, but I was wearing a skirt two of the days!

FX Networks had a seated rest spot with a large screen advertising their shows.
Semi-shaded area to sit (sunscreen dispenser on the right side)
Son of Zorn Wall Climb and \”air jump\”
A man mid-air from his leap from the tower into the air bag
Free collapsible cups and cold water at the Always Sunny in Philadelphia bar.
Free collapsible cups and cold water at the Always Sunny in Philadelphia bar.
The line for the free cups and water at Always Sunny bar
Giant broken guitar display for Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll show
Lets pretend there\’s booze in my cup.

M.A.C. Cosmetics had a Star Trek themed installation for their new Star Trek inspired line of cosmetics.  The installation was across the street from the Children\’s Museum which was housing Nerd HQ again this year.

M.A.C Cosmetics Star Trek themed installation/shop
M.A.C. Cosmetics
The Children\'s Museum is where Nerd HQ was being held again this year.
Nerd HQ at the Children\’s Museum
Video gaming at Nerd HQ 2016
Gaming at Nerd HQ
Nerd HQ

The \”Next Day Line\” (NDL) for Saturday\’s Hall H panels was two long lines of tents.  The next two photos are only a teeny, tiny portion of the line taken around 11:30am Friday morning.  Temperatures were in the high nineties (record-breaking temperatures) the entire weekend, and Friday was the hottest day of the convention.

Teeny, tiny portion of Hall H next day line
More of the NDL for Hall H

Saturday morning had passes for the Aliens screening being handed out to passersby, and I grabbed one even though I already had passes to the screening via Gofobo.com.  I still love that movie!!  They didn\’t even check to see if we had passes when they started handing out the wristbands to the line.

Free screening of Alien to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
Aliens screening pass handed out outside the convention center.

This is all of the free swag I received during this year\’s San Diego Comic-Con outside the convention center.  There are IMDb items which I received aboard the yacht IMDb leased for the weekend.  I won a contest to come aboard and there was free swag galore.  Everything else was free and open to everyone (i.e. no convention badge needed), and there were also printed photos I have which are not included here. 

All of the free swag obtained outside of the convention center without a SDCC badge

I didn\’t have time to get over to the Adult Swim interactive area this year.  There is just so much to do and not enough time.