SuperToyCon 2016: Star Wars Panel

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Star Wars Panel
SuperToyCon 2016
Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
August 6, 2016

 The panels at SuperToyCon are fan-focused as there isn\’t a moderator asking the questions.  The panels were being held in Gold room B, and it was a smallish room, It was perfect for the panels and the size of the convention, and with the exception of a large pillar at the center of the room, it gave everyone a decent view. 

We took our time getting up this particular morning, and I didn\’t think we would make it to the Orleans Arena in time for the Star Wars panel at 10:30am.  I didn\’t have to worry since the panel started a few minutes late as the panelists, David Prowse and Greg Grunberg arrived a little late.  It seems that they didn\’t know they were on a panel and had only found out about it earlier that morning.

David Prowse and Greg Grunberg at the Star Wars panel at SuperToyCon 2016
David Prowse and Greg Grunberg

It was apparent right away that Greg Grunberg was really excited to be there with David Prowse, and asked David questions, too.  A fan asked both panelists how comfortable their costumes were.  David said the whole costume, helmet and mask not withstanding, was very comfortable as it was all fit to his measurements.  He mentioned that at the time he read the script he thought the Darth Vader role sounded interesting (and thought it was even better once he put on the costume), but nobody knew what the movie would actually be.

David Prowse at the Star Wars panel during SuperToyCon 2016
David Prowser (Darth Vader)

Greg said that he didn\’t get the script.  JJ (Abrams) is a good friend and called Greg to ask him if he wanted to be in the movie.  Of course, Greg said yes, even though he had no idea what/who his character would be until he arrived on set.  In fact, the costumer didn\’t know what the character was until he arrived and they had to put his costume together in a few minutes.

Greg Grunberg at the Star Wars panel during SuperToyCon 2016
Greg Grunberg

Someone asked Greg: Star Trek or Star Wars?  He said that they are like his children but added JJ had given him a mug that said \”You have to Trek before you can War.\”  (I need that on a T-shirt!!)  Once Greg go on to the Star Wars movie, his primary goal was to stay alive as JJ had Greg on Lost and killed his character off from the show.  This time, Greg was determined to stay alive even to the point of refusing to say lines when he\’s fighting in the X-Wing about being hit and going down.  They ended up calling JJ (who was working on first unit) to tell him that Greg wouldn\’t say the lines.  JJ just said, \”Well, what are you going to do?\” and that was it. No one asked, and I don\’t think he could/would have answered, about his being in Episode 8 or future Star Wars films.

Greg Grunberg asking David Prowse a question during SuperToyCon2016
David Prowse and Greg Grunberg

Greg mentioned that he has known JJ Abrams since they were 5 years old so working with him is like working with his best friend.

The panels only last 30 minutes, which I feel is not enough time for those which have celebrity guests, so the panel was over before we knew it.

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