FlashBack Friday: For the Love of Spock Screening Event

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For the Love of Spock Screening
Egyptian Theatre
Hollywood, CA 
September 10, 2016

Sign in the lobby of the Egyptian Theatre about For the Love of Spock

Today\’s \”Flashback Friday post is from a special screening of the Adam Nimoy driven documentary, \”For the Love of Spock,\” which was about his father, Leonard Nimoy.  What I hadn\’t known prior to the screening was that Leonard and Adam had discussed making a documentary prior to the former\’s death, but the focus was to be on the character of Spock and his global influence.  

Adam Nimoy speaking to the audience prior to the screening of For the Love of Spock
Adam Nimoy speaking before the film

The screening was held at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.  Adam Nimoy was to participate in a Q&A session after the screening.  

Adam Nimoy doing a post-screening Q and A about For the Love of Spock

I think the most important aspect of Leonard Nimoy\’s fame is the effect it had on his family.  In the film and in person, Adam talks about how his dad always had time for fans, and while that\’s great from a fan\’s point of view, it was very difficult for the children.  They didn\’t have much time with their dad, even while on vacation in Hawaii, because of the number of fans who would recognize Leonard and line up to meet him.  I can\’t even imagine how difficult it would have been to finally get some genuine time with your dad (hanging out on the beach in Hawaii, for example) only to have him spend hours with fans while you watched and waited.  

Adam Nimoy on For the Love of Spock at the Egyptian Theatre

Adam hadn\’t intended on being in the film much, if at all, but it was brought to his attention that his view of his father was important to the film.  Stories such as what happened on that beach during the Hawaiian vacation was just one of many times Leonard generously gave his time to his fans, and hearing Adam\’s side provides a more well-rounded perspective of the man who was Leonard Nimoy.  

Adam Nimoy answering questions about For the Love of Spock

If you haven\’t seen \”For The Love of Spock,\” I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.  You might learn something about the man behind the iconic Spock character….such as his recording career!!  

Adam Nimoy speaking about Leonard Nimoy and For the Love of Spock

Adam and Leonard had a difficult relationship but had managed to patch things up a few years prior to Leonard\’s passing.  I\’m so glad they had that opportunity, and I\’m thankful for the hard work Adam put into getting \”For the Love of Spock\” made.  

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