Long Beach Comic Con 2016 – Con Man Panel

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Con Man Panel
Long Beach Comic Con
Long Beach Convention Center
September 17, 2016

Con Man Series panel at LBCC 2016

I have a huge backlog of events to post so please bear with me.  I had purchased a weekend ticket for Long Beach Comic Con, but ended up only attending on Saturday, September 17th as I had scored a seat in the bleachers for the Emmys Red Carpet on Sunday the 18th (which one of the posts I\’ll be working on soon).  My primary goal for this convention was the Firefly and Con Man panels, and thankfully both were on Saturday.

Initially the LBCC organizers said they would be clearing the room which was hosting the Firefly and Con Man panels, but I believe PJ Haarsma didn\’t want them to clear the room after the Con Man panel (which was being immediately followed by the Firefly panel) because no one would attend the Con Man panel if the room was going to be cleared.

PJ Haarsma, Nathan Fillion, and Nolan North at the Con Man panel during LBCC 2016
L-R: PJ Haarsma, Nathan Fillion, Nolan North

I headed down to get in line over an hour before the Con Man panel, and wow was that line ridiculously long.  The organizers did NOT plan for a line so the line was loosely organized by those standing in it until about 30 minutes prior to the start time of Con Man panel.  I really didn\’t think I was going to get in for the Con Man panel at all, but I did and since I was alone, I was able to find a seat reasonably close to the stage.  

Nathan Fillion at the Con Man panel during LBCC 2016
Nathan Fillion
The focus of this Con Man panel in contrast to the others I had attended was that this one was focused on the recently released Con Man The Game app.  Nathan was a bit upset that some of the fans were talking about tricks he hadn\’t known/thought about.  He said to tweet him when there\’s a trick you use.  The funniest was when he was complaining about the sick kid (in the game there is kid who \”loses his meds\” and proceeds to vomit all over your convention until you find all of his pills or use comix to complete the process), and someone (it could have been PJ, but I can\’t recall) mentioned that he could use comix to get rid of the kid.  

Nudie Judy Cosplay at the Con Man booth at LBCC 2016
A fan dressed as \”Nudie Judy\” from the Con Man Game
There was some discussion about Season 2 of Con Man, and PJ Haarsma\’s youngest daughter (age 6?) has a small part.  Nathan asked her to show the audience what she learned on the show.  She stood up, turned to face the audience (she was sitting in the front row) and gave us the \”middle finger\” to which we all laughed.  Nolan North laughed, then said we (he, Nathan, and PJ) were going to hell.  

Season 2 of Con Man became available on Comic-Con HQ this past Thursday, December 8, 2016.  Have you watched it, yet?  I haven\’t so no spoilers!!