Long Beach Comic Con 2016 – Overview

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Long Beach Comic Con
Long Beach Convention Center
September 17, 2016

This little girl\'s Xenomorph cosplay is on point at LBCC 2016
I love this little girl\’s Xenomorph costume!

I was only able to attend one day of Long Beach Comic Con so this is a partial overview.  Long Beach Comic Con seems to be growing each year, and this year the line to check-in was insanely long.  It meandered and double- or triple-backed around the outside \”esplanade\” and into the parking structure (where is also double-backed), but I probably spent about 45 minutes in line.  I thought it was going to be much worse.  There were no staff or volunteers to direct or organize the line so it was the attendees doing the job until you got near the doors of the convention center.  At the doors, and inside the building there were finally staff/volunteers to direct the line to the various windows for pre-purchased tickets and for those who were buying onsite.

Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma kids\' cosplay at LBCC 2016

I feel that the use of wristbands instead of badges cause the check-in process to take much longer because, if like me, you purchased a weekend ticket, they supply you with two wristbands.  This also requires you to put Sunday\’s wristband somewhere where it will not get lost or damaged.  The use of wristbands also causes a \”traffic\” jam when people walk away from the check-in window, because everyone is trying to put their wristbands on before they can proceed any further into the building.  

Little predator cosplay at LBCC 2016
This little predator is actually the sibling to the Xenomorph.

I walked around the exhibition floor for a bit until it was time to get in line for the Con Man and Firefly panels.  

Xenomorph kids\' cosplay at LBCC 2016

I really like a lot of the cosplays, but didn\’t get very many pictures as it was soooo crowded!  I did my best, though.  

Video Game play at LBCC 2016
Gaming area

This gaming area seemed relaxing, which strikes me as a little odd.  Shouldn\’t it be exciting?  Maybe it was just because it wasn\’t as crowded in that area of the exhibition floor as in other parts.

I had purchased a 2-day Long Beach Comic Con ticket a few months in advance, but about a week before the convention, I won a seat in the bleachers for the Emmys Red Carpet on the Sunday of the convention (post on the Emmys to come, I promise!).  

I hope to see you all back at the Long Beach Convention Center in February for Long Beach Comic Expo.  I\’ve already purchased my 2-day ticket for Long Beach Comic Expo in February on a Goldstar.com Black Friday offer I just couldn\’t pass up.  The Goldstar offer was much better than the Black Friday deal Long Beach Comic Expo was offering.  Goldstar has discounted tickets available, and I whole-heartedly recommend using them to get your tickets.