Superhero Launch Party

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Superhero Launch Party
San Diego Comic Art Gallery
September 29, 2016

CW6 Booth
I had the opportunity to attend a Superhero Launch party sponsored by CW6 in San Diegoto celebrate SuperGirl coming to the CW from CBS.  The event was being held at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery.  I had entered the contest for entry on the CW6 San Diego website. 

Photo booth 
It was pretty fun as there was good food and free drinks as well as booths to win prizes.  Stok ColdBrew Coffee was there doing taste testing and giving out free bottles of their delicious cold brew coffee.  Radio station Star 94.1 and CW6 both had booths giving away prizes.  I had won concert tickets from Star 94.1, but I knew I wouldn’t make it back to San Diego on that day so they let me pick something else.  I took a cosmetic bag instead.  I only won a button at the CW6 booth, but a friend got me the two footballs in the photo below.

My goodies
CW6 was giving away prizes about every hour including a grand prize of a trip to New York.  There were also glasses of wine and bottles of beer available for a cash donation to Traveling Stories inside the gallery. 
Crowd inside San Diego Comic Art Gallery
Crowd inside the San Diego Comic Art Gallery
There was a photo booth outside with a couple people in costume to take pictures with you.

My picture from the photo booth
I stayed quite a bit longer after the party as I was talking to a friend, but I had a long drive back home to LA and a trip to Modesto the next morning.