DIY Pin Collection Storage

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Pin Collection Storage
September 15, 2019
Pin storage completed (lid open)

I have an assortment of pins which I have collected over the years.  Some were freebies, but most were purchased, and I\’ve had difficulty finding a storage system which worked for me.  I wasn\’t interested in the pin books used by many Disney pin collectors.

Pin storage competed (lid closed)

I searched Pinterest once again to find a storage system which would work for me.  I found this DIY pin storage system by  I looked at Michaels Craft and Joann Craft websites to price the photo box system and cork sheets.  I wasn\’t completely sold on the cork, but the reviews confirmed my instinct.  I decided to go with craft foam which comes in large sheet and is much less expensive.

2 layers of 4\”x6\” foam glued together

I ordered the photo storage box and a pack of 12 x 18 inch sheets of craft foam from Michaels for store pick up.  The order was ready for pick up the next morning.  I probably could have used a single layer of foam to attach the pins to, because the rubber-style pin backs don\’t stay attached very well.  The metal pin backs \”lock\” into place so they stay attached much better.  I used my ATG by 3M to attach the two pieces of foam together and the padding piece to the back of the photo boxes.

Foam with adhesive to attach to bottom of photo box

Some of the sheets are just under 18 inches long so I had some cut pieces which were just shy of 6 inches long.  Something that Oh Plesiosaur didn\’t add was a piece of padding on the base of the individual photo boxes.  I added the short pieces to the bottom of the photo box to work as padding.

Foam pad attached to photo box

I have about 10 more photo boxes prepared for future pin purchases, and those pins which I have stored away in various boxes since moving houses last year.

Check out the original tutorial by Oh Plesiosaur here.

These would also be great for use with traveling with your jewelry.  Necklaces and bracelets could be fastened to the foam sheets with safety pins and earrings can be pierced through the foam like the pins.