File Storage for Ikea Kallax

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File Storage for Ikea Kallax

by Veronica Nunez
May 13, 2020

        I have been storing my letter size cardstock I use for scrapbooking.  I already have a 8 shelf Kallax unit from Ikea, but it took a long time to find a file rack which would fit appropriately in the bins.  I finally found these Simple Trending Desk Hanging File Racks on Amazon.  This isn’t really an Ikea Hack, but I still feel it’s very useful.  There is about one inch of space from the rack to the back of the bin, but it was the closest in size and sturdiest rack I found.
Letter hanging files in bin
I had filled two large file storage boxes from Office Depot and Staples.  These files fit in three bin with a lot of space for growth in each.  I also have an empty rack in one of the bins for other files or even more cardstock.
Ikea Kallax with scrapbook storage
I’ve been getting a lot of craft organization done during this “Stay Home” order.  I’m only about 20 percent done with organizing the old computer armoire I’m turning into a scrapbook station and storage.