Scrapbook Sticker Storage

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Scrapbook Sticker Storage

by Veronica Nunez

June 11, 2020

Scrapbook stickers stored in 3-ring binder
Sticker sheets in binder
I\’ve been doing a lot of organizing of my craft space during the \”stay at home\” orders for COVID-19.  I had been storing most of my stickers by subject in smaller Creative Options boxes.  I had a larger Creative Options box holding the 12×12 sticker sheets and border trims.  
I hated trying to find stickers with the stickers sheets just stacked on top of each other in each box.  I decided to get some pocket sheets protectors in a variety of sizes.  I bought 3- and 4-pocket currency sheets, 4×6 pocket sheets and 3 1/2×5 pocket sheets.  I had several large capacity 3-ring binders on hand where I had previously stored various embellishments.  The binders were being thrown away at my work, so I took a dozen home for craft storage use.  
row of 3-ring binders
3-Ring Binders
Many of the sticker sheets didn\’t fit complete inside the pockets, but it still works.  I have the binders organized similarly to how I had the boxes so I used one binder per box.  
The sticker sheets which wouldn\’t fit into the pockets I kept in a single large Creative Options box using a drawer divider by Oxo.  The drawer dividers came as a set of two, but I only used one.  I didn\’t organize these sticker sheets by subject as there really aren\’t that many, and this system makes it pretty easy to see what\’s there. In the front section I have border stickers and everything else is in the larger section behind them.  
stickers in box
Sticker sheets in box
Any sticker sheets which were too wide for this box I put with the 12×12 sticker sheets in the other large Creative Options box.  The sheets in this box are stacked on top of each other, but there are so few it will be easy enough to look through them.  
I was planning on doing a lot of scrapbooking during this lockdown, but all I\’ve really done is organize my craft area and supplies.  I think the disorganization of my supplies was keeping me from scrapbooking so I\’m hoping I\’ll scrapbook again once I\’ve finished organizing.  

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