CatCon 2019

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CatCon 2019

June 30, 2019


by Veronica Nunez

July 2, 2020


CatCon is exactly what it sounds like, a convention dedicated to our domestic feline bosses.  This CatCon was held at the Pasadena Convention Center.  We took my “adopted” nieces to the convention as a surprise.  While both girls love cats, the younger niece is absolutely obsessed with cats. As a new cat owner (we took in Nick Furry that February), I was interested to see what this convention was all about.


The main convention floor was full of presentations and products.  Many of the booths gave away free samples of food and treats.


I had also purchased a meet and greet with BenBen cat for the girls, but only the younger wanted to go in so I joined her.  We also participated in a cat-themed installation, called Purradise City, full of fun photo ops complete with a mirror room sponsored by Temptations cat treats.  There were tubs filled with bags of Temptations treats free for the taking. 



There was a secondary convention floor in a second building where there were small/independent vendors similar to an Artists’ Alley at comic conventions.  This is also where they had the kittens available for adoption.  The line for the kittens was really long so we decided not to meet them. 

The girls had a great time, and my Nick Furry was excited to try all of the new food and treats.  I hadn’t heard about a CatCon being scheduled again this year prior to the current pandemic, but I hope we’ll get another CatCon in the next few years.