Night of Lights OC – Review

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Night of Lights OC

December 27, 2020

Entering the Night of Lights OC experience

Night of Lights OC was our third Christmas drive through event this year.  We went on a Sunday after Christmas so there was no Santa, but there were appearances from a couple of Paw Patrol characters.  The price for our date and time was in the middle ground of what we’ve paid for the Christmas in the Park in San Jose, California and BiteLA in El Monte, California experiences.  For a true Christmas light experience, I have to say that Night of Lights OC is my favorite.

Night of Lights OC is what the folks behind Winter Fest OC are doing to bring holiday cheer during the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you\’ve attended Winter Fest in the past you\’ll recognize some of the displays and rides.  There is a fantastic light display area during Winter Fest OC, but they went bigger and better for the drive through event.

Our ticket was for 6:30pm on the Sunday after Christmas, and we arrived 15 minutes early.  We had no problems checking in.  Once you check-in, you’ll be directed to a line where you’ll wait to be let into the venue itself.  There are a couple of vendors selling light up “swords” and cotton candy while you wait.  We waited here about 20 minutes before it was our line’s turn to go inside.  They do have two lanes of cars experiencing the event so it is possible to have two slightly different views of the displays and characters. 

There are a variety of characters throughout the experience so turn up the heater and roll down the windows (and keep your mask on!) to wave and say hello to the snowflakes, snowmen, and many more characters.  There were many cars who had children standing up and experiencing the event via the open sunroofs, and it made me miss having a sunroof in my car.  There are quite a few \”bumps\” going over the cable protectors, but the speed limit is 3mph so just be aware.

Santa-less sleigh

I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone  looking to enjoy Night of Lights OC for themselves, so I will only make a few more recommendations.  Have your ticket ready to be scanned before reaching the check-in area.  Roll your windows down and have your radio ready to go to the few stations they have programmed for the event.  Mount your phone or camera to take video or photos or have a passenger designated to record or photograph. 

Driving through a tunnel of lights

I love Christmas lights, and the quality of light displays and characters made the Night of Lights OC my favorite of the three events we’ve experienced this year.  (We may sneak in another event, time permitting, before they are all over.)  The number of staff directing traffic, and the organization of the traffic flow also made this event a favorite. 

Night of Lights OC runs until January 10th, and tickets are only sold online and do sell out so purchase your ticket early.