Automobile Driving Museum

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Automobile Driving Museum: El Segundo, California

I recently visited the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California on a Saturday in May 2021.  I knew this was a small museum, but I was stunned at how many amazing cars were packed into a small space.  I took so many photos of these cars, but I’m only posting a few to give you a small idea of what you’ll see.  The ADM is also available to host weddings or other private events in their Packard Ballroom, and there is a 1950’s style ice cream parlor perfect for kids’ birthday parties or other small events.

The museum houses cars dating from the late 1800s all the to the early 2000s, and the displays are not relegated just to cars there are also old gas pumps, engines, World War II ration books, and other historical artifacts. 

Once we paid our admission in the gift shop, we entered the museum showroom and I was immediately taken aback at the number of cars on display.  Almost every single vehicle was beautifully restored.  You’ll see horseless carriages, Packards, an Edsel, a Jeepster, and so much more.  

Most of the vehicles have an informational sheet attached, but be sure not to touch the vehicles or climb inside no matter how tempting it may be.  I don’t think I could name a favorite, but the Packards are just so incredibly special. 

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There’s a pressed penny machine in the gift shop, but I forgot to bring my pennies so it’ll have to wait until my next visit.  There will definitely be a next visit as the host a variety of public events throughout the year in addition to their “Weekly Rides” held on Sundays where you get to ride in a classic car (subject to availability.)  I’m not sure they are having the Weekly Rides during COVID so call before heading to the Automobile Driving Museum for a classic car ride.