Riding a Camel near San Diego


Oasis Camel Dairy Tour and Camel Rides

Ramona, California

June 27, 2021

A friend told me about the Oasis Camel Dairy Farm when we talking about how I was trying to find something fun to do to celebrate my birthday as a large party wouldn’t be feasible this year.  I wanted something outside and, preferably, a small business. 

I looked at their website, and decided to see if there was any interest amongst a small group of friends.  I booked a tour for fourteen people and camel rides for ten people (there are restrictions for riders) about two weeks before the date.  There were several tour times available when I booked so I figure two weeks is a good parameter for you to book your tour.

The tours are private for your group at a set price of $150 for up to ten people and last about an hour.  This price is the minimum even if you have less than 10 people.  You can add more people to the tour at a rate of $10 per person. 

Sign at the entrance to Oasis Camel Dairy

We visited the Oasis Camel Dairy on a very hot day, but they had shade and misters set up to help keep visitors cool.  The tour includes petting and feeding small sheep who are so friendly with one who is exceptionally fond of the “treats” being given to them.  There are also wild turkeys and exotic birds to see. 

We were able to see a few baby camels from a five weeks to a few months old.  They gave us plenty of time to take photos with the camels, pet the camels (necks and shoulders) and feed them apples on sticks.  The camels are pretty gentle and sweet even when pushing each other to get the apples from us. 

After feeding the camels, we continued to the camel rides which are an optional add-on to your tour.  Each ride last just a few minutes as the camel is led around a small paddock by a handler.  Our camel is named Camelot, and apparently, he loves giving rides so much that he throws “temper tantrums” when he sees another camel giving rides.  Since we had only four of us who could ride the camel due to the rider restrictions, the riders were able to go around a few times.  While riding Camelot I asked Gil, the handler, questions about camels or about Camelot which he has a lot of knowledge about as he is also the owner of the Dairy. 

After the camel rides we proceeded to the small gift shop which was wonderfully air-conditioned to buy some of their wonderful camel milk lotions and soaps.  There are also camel milk chocolate bars imported from Dubai, cold drinks, and some souvenirs available for purchase.  I never thought I would be able to feed, pet, or ride a camel unless I visited the Middle East nor could it ever happen in San Diego!  The owners and staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about camels and are happy to share their knowledge with you.  I highly recommend you book a private tour and camel rides if you’re going to be in the Ramona area.

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    1. Unfortunately they need an astronomical amount of money for the pasteurization equipment required to be allowed to sell their camel milk for human consumption. They are looking at ways to raise the capital to purchase the pasteurization equipment in the future.


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