Taste of Knott’s – Boysenberry Festival

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April 25, 2021

We went to Knott’s Berry Farm a few times during this pandemic when they were only open for these tasting events.  Rides were not operating, yet, but we were able to enjoy some outdoor fun, food, and shop in the stores.  It also gave us an opportunity to spend time with my “adopted” family. 

The Taste of Boysenberry event held in the spring of 2021, and we attended on April 25, 2021.  The great thing about these tasting events was you only paid for the tasting card which included parking and admission.  The adult tasting card was $45 plus tax and gave you five food or drink items listed on the tasting card.  You can also purchase food or drink items not listed on the tasting card or instead of using the tasting card for purchase.  For example, we would pay for a bottle or water or a cup of soda and just use the tasting card for food items or Icee drinks.

Knott’s Berry Farm had photo ops with the Easter bunny available, and a there was also a virtual Easter egg hunt using their app.  You could receive a little button for completing the scavenger hunt at the entrance to the Easter bunny photo op.  They also had the stable open so we could see the horses in the shady and cool barn. 

Although, the food items listed on the tasting card were the only items supposed to be included, we found that we could order anything off the menu at the various locations could be “paid for” with the tasting card.  This worked well for us as my niece is a very picky eater so she didn’t want most of the items listed on the tasting card, but she was able to use it to buy food she would actually eat. 

Knott’s Berry Farm would fully open their park in the following weeks as COVID restrictions were lifted.  We had attended the Taste of Universal event two weeks prior and they were testing out running their rides with the COVID protocols so we were able to ride several of the rides during that visit.  We had hoped Knott’s would be “testing” their rides so we could ride some of the rides there, but it wasn’t to be.  We still had a blast, but we all liked the food at Universal better.