International Printing Museum

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July 3, 2021

The International Printing Museum located in Carson, California is open on Saturdays, and they often hold special events throughout the year.  They are open Tuesdays to Fridays by appointment only, and they also have Badge events for Boys and Girls Scout Troops.

We attended the International Printing Museum for the first time during their Independence Day event held on July 3, 2021.  The $12 (twelve dollar) admission included free apple pie and lemonade.  There were so many demonstrations on various antique printing machines throughout the museum.  Most of the volunteer demonstrators were in period costume adding to the historic atmosphere. 

As the various printing machines were demonstrated printing various types of “historic” documents such as the Declaration of Independence and currency for visitors to take as souvenirs.  There is even a reproduction Gutenberg press where we were able to use the press ourselves (it takes a LOT of muscle power) to operate.

For a small donation you could also get a linocast of a word or phrase of your choice made right in front of you.  I got my name in linocast, and you could take your cast to one of the printers and print your own (under instruction from a volunteer) eagle banner with your linocast.  The linocast is made using metal pigs, and there were several metal pigs from the Los Angeles Times who made their own pigs used for their lintotype and Ludlow presses.  These linecasting pigs are lighter than standard pigs weighing eighteen pounds each and are comprised of four percent tin, eleven and a half percent antimony, and eighty-four and a half percent lead. 

As part of their Independence Day event there was also a car show in the parking lot behind the printing museum.  Some of the car owners would let you sit inside their cars, too. 

The International Printing Museum is small, though much larger than I had anticipated, and located less than ten minutes from my home so I see myself enjoying the museum in the future.