Haunt-O-Ween – Los Angeles

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October 24, 2021

We went to the Haunt-O-Ween experience to see what it was like with some framily (friends that are like family.)  We dressed in costume with items we (mostly) already had, but my framily members didn’t have time to get costumes put together.  We went the Sunday before Halloween so it was really busy, and finding a parking spot took some time though we ended up finding a spot right next to the event entrance.

I believe 2021 was the second time the Haunt-O-Ween was done, but I could be wrong.  It was held in the parking lot of the Westfield Promenade mall in Woodland Hill, California.  Haunt-O-Ween is a Halloween event with a haystack maze, trick-or-treating, beer garden, face painting, carnival games, and photo-ops galore.  The carnival style games were free to play, and the prizes were pieces of candy.  There was a limit on how long you could stay, but they wanted you to keep moving forward through the themed areas to keep the foot traffic moving in one direction.  We made sure everyone did everything they wanted to see or do in an area before we moved on to the next section.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures and trick-or-treating.  I didn’t think to bring a bag or something to put the candy in, and I didn’t bring a purse with me. Lucky for me the pieces of my costume were from Elhoffer Design (minus the horns and shoes), so I had pockets in my leggings, and deep pockets in my tunic and cape.  I ended up having to use two of my pockets for my boyfriend’s candy as he had no accessible pockets due to his “No Face” costume. No that he would have wanted to put candy in the pockets of his jeans, anyway.  He had quite a few people ask to take photos with him during our time at Haunt-O-Ween.  This costume is mine, but I had never worn it since I need to hem it or risk tripping on the hem the entire time.  It was the perfect length for his height so I let him wear it.  Sadly, only a few people recognized where the character was from.  We probably spent about an hour and a half inside the Haunt-O-Ween event, and at $35 (thirty-five dollars) a ticket, we will likely go again if they have it in 2022.  They did offer a discounted ticket rate if you purchased eight or more tickets (must be purchased in the same transaction.) There were only six of us in our group so we didn’t get the discount.