Cemetery Lane – Los Angeles

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October 31, 2021

We went to Cemetery Lane on Halloween night since we don’t get trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  We went with my framily, again, so spend the night with them at the historic Heritage Square Museum.  Parking was difficult and we had to park in the Montecito Recreation Center parking lot and walk a few blocks to the Heritage Square entrance. 

Cemetery Lane was a Halloween experience put on by the producers of the Halloween/Horror convention, Midsummer Scream.  It was a family-friendly event, but they recommended those with smaller or more frightenable children come during the daylight hours for less scares.  The timed tickets were only available for purchase online, and you could also pre-order the official event t-shirt and tote bag when purchasing your tickets.  The shirts and bags could be picked up inside the church located inside Heritage Square during your visit.  The church also housed a few vendors selling a variety of Halloween themed wares. 

We met up with our framily once we finally got to the entrance and headed straight to the church to pick up our bags before doing any trick-or-treating.  My costume had pockets, but they weren’t large enough to put candy in, especially any chocolate.  We started our trick-or-treating at the house nearest the entrance and continued down the lane on one side then the other.  Each house had a different theme from the spider house, cowboys, and even a ghost conductor at the train station who greeted just about everyone near the entrance to the park. They had one of the houses open for you to walk through where we spotted Annabelle!!! 

Halloween night also featured a bonus trick-or-treat station sponsored by the newest Scream film.   They were giving out Scream posters and Ghostface was handing out the candy.  There were plenty of photo-ops throughout the event, and some performers like the apothecary promoting his potions and elixirs. 

Cemetery Lane had discounted tickets if you went before 5pm, and the evening tickets were $30 (thirty dollars) each.  It was a fun event which I will go to if they continue in future years.