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Lightsaber Battle – Los Angeles

Lightsaber Battle – LA Los Angeles, California December 18, 2015 I heard about the Lightsaber Battle from either Facebook or Eventbrite, and I jumped on it because it sounded like a weird but fun event to be a party of.  I bought/reserved two lightsabers right away to get them at the discounted price of $5

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Oregon or Bust: “Days of Rain” at the Portland Center Stage

“3 Days of Rain” Portland Center Stage June 05, 2015 My ticket and the Playbill/Brochure The purpose of my trip to Portland was to see a play, “3 Days of Rain” which starred Sash Roiz and Silas Weir Mitchell both from the NBC show, “Grimm.”  The also starred Lisa Datz.  I won’t into the story

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Hunger Games 16th Birthday Party – Favors & Games

DIY: Hunger Games Themed Birthday Party  Favors and Games September 22, 2014 My youngest niece LOVES The Hunger Games (books and movies), and I really like them, too.  Last year, she was talking with a friend of mine about how she would like to have a Hunger Games party.  So since she turned 16 this

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