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Scrapbook Sticker Storage

Scrapbook Sticker Storage by Veronica Nunez June 11, 2020 Sticker sheets in binder I\’ve been doing a lot of organizing of my craft space during the \”stay at home\” orders for COVID-19.  I had been storing most of my stickers by subject in smaller Creative Options boxes.  I had a larger Creative Options box holding the

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Midsummer Scream 2016 – The Homicidal Homemaker

Deadly Delectables with the Homicidal Homemaker Midsummer Scream Long Beach Convention Center July 30, 2016 I attended the food class taught by the Homicidal Homemaker (Kaci Hansen) the first day of  the inaugural Midsummer Scream held in Long Beach, California.  I wasn\’t aware of The Homicidal Homemaker prior to the event, but I definitely became

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