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DIY: Comic Con Lanyard Display

Lanyard Collage Display Tutorial August 27, 2015 Completed project   Although I like to scrapbook, I wanted a better way to keep my lanyards from the Comic Cons I’ve been going to.  I haven’t been to many, but I want to start going to more in the coming years.  I began searching for ideas on

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Harry Potter: Slytherin & Hufflepuff Inspired Bracelets

Slytherin and Hufflepuff Inspired Bracelets April 27, 2015 Here are two more Hogwarts houses represented in these bracelets.  Here\’s the post on the Gryffindor Bracelets I have also made.  These will also be given away during San Diego Comic Con this coming July.  I should state that you don\’t have to have a SDCC badge

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